Stormwater Management - MassDOT Environmental Services

The runoff from rain storms or melting snow — called “stormwater” — can pollute our lakes and rivers.

The goal of MassDOT’s stormwater program is to promote and maintain stormwater management systems along MassDOT roadways that provide safe driving and protect the health of nearby waterbodies. Our Stormwater Section ensures MassDOT Highway’s projects and operations meet state and federal stormwater regulations.

About us

The MassDOT Stormwater Program involves the following: 

  • Stormwater Design: We provide stormwater-related guidance to designers, review and approve stormwater designs through MassDOT submissions, and plan for future stormwater projects. Submit a Water Quality Data Form no later than the 25% design stage. For some projects, additional WQDFs are submitted at the final design stages to provide updated stormwater design information. 
  • Impaired Waters Program: We assessed our roads that drain to degraded waterbodies across the Commonwealth and developed an Impaired Waters Program to reduce MassDOT’s contribution of pollutants to those waterbodies through the construction of stormwater control measures. Through the Impaired Waters Program, we continue to construct more stormwater control measures where they are needed to improve water quality.
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Program: Keeping the stormwater system functioning is important to us. Therefore, our crews track the inspection and maintenance of the treatment systems, including good housekeeping measures such as catch basin cleaning, street sweeping, and litter pickup.
  • Construction Site Runoff Control: Providing erosion and sediment control measures during construction is important to protecting water quality. Therefore, all MassDOT projects require a plan to control erosion, sedimentation, and other pollutants during construction. During design, we provide guidance on the erosion and sediment control requirements to include in the contract documents. 
  • Drainage Infrastructure Inventory: We own and maintain an extensive network of roadways and associated stormwater system infrastructure throughout the State. We map and track our stormwater assets in data layers available on GeoDOT.