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Vehicles, Transportation, and Road Maintenance

Contract User Guides for Vehicles, Transportation, and Road Maintenance Statewide Contracts

VEH99 - Fleet Information Management System (FIMS) Statewide Contract (Updated: 09/08/2022)

VEH102 - Advanced Vehicle Technology Equipment, Supplies and Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 09/16/2022)

VEH107 - Road Salt Statewide Contract (Updated: 08/31/2022)

VEH109 - Tires, Tubes and Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 09/29/2022)

VEH110 - Light and Medium-Duty Vehicles (Updated: 09/16/2022)

VEH111Heavy-Duty Vehicles, Road Maintenance and Construction Equipment Statewide Contract (Updated: 09/16/2022)

VEH112 - Vehicle Rentals Statewide Contract (Issued: 09/14/2022)

VEH113 - Fleet Management Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 09/29/2022)

VEH114 - Automotive Parts, Paint, Refined Motor Oil, Lubricants, and Other Fluids (Updated: 09/29/2022)

VEH115 - Vehicle Parts Inventory Management Statewide Contract (Updated: 09/16/2022)

VEH116- Telematics Statewide Contract (Updated: 09/16/2022; Replaced VEH106)

VEH117 - Fuel Cards Statewide Contract (Updated: 09/16/2022)