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Vehicles, Transportation, and Road Maintenance

Contract User Guides for Vehicles, Transportation, and Road Maintenance Contracts

VEH84A - Vehicle Maintenance Management Services & Accident Subrogation Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 12/04/18)

VEH93 - Heavy Duty Vehicle Statewide Contract (Updated: 11/24/2020)

VEH96 - Light, Medium, Heavy Duty OEM & NON-OEM Motorized Vehicle Parts, Refined Motor Oil, Lubricants Statewide Contract (Updated: 12/23/2020)

VEH98 - Purchase of Vehicles Statewide Contract (Updated:12/26/2020)

VEH99 - Fleet Information Management System (FIMS) Statewide Contract (Updated: 04/24/19)

VEH100 - Fuel Card and Fuel Management Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 12/29/2020)

VEH102 - Advanced Vehicle Technology Equipment, Supplies and Services Statewide Contract (Updated: 12/11/2020)

VEH103 - Windshield and Glass Replacement for Vehicles Statewide Contract (Updated: 02/24/2020)

VEH106 - Telematics Statewide Contract (Updated: 10/26/2020)

VEH107 - Road Salt Statewide Contract (Updated: 01/14/2021)

VEH108 - Parts Inventory Management Statewide Contract (Issued: 07/14/2020)

VEH109 - Tires, Tubes and Services Statewide Contract (Issued: 12/17/2020)

VEH112 - Vehicle Rentals Statewide Contract (Issued: 12/18/2020)