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View E9-1-1 upcoming classes

Please see the training calendar below for the upcoming classes.

Virtual Training Platform Information

PSAP In-house Workshop Application, Dates & Times

Please use the PSAP In-House Trainer Workshop Application to register for one of the dates and times listed below. Additional dates and times will be added as needed.

Workshop Dates

Designated PSAP In-house Trainer Information –

The State 911 Department has developed a virtual learning environment in an effort to assist PSAPs with certifying personnel remotely.  In order to meet the minimum training requirements set-forth in the State 911 Department’s CMRs, the Department will begin hosting the following classes through a virtual platform:

  • Basic Public Safety Telecommunicator course (APCO PST 7th edition)
  • A two-day, NG9-1-1 New Hire Equipment Training course

Virtual training will require full participation of a “PSAP In-House Trainer”. Each PSAP is asked to designate one or more PSAP In-house Trainer(s) to work with the State 911 Department’s Programs Division in certifying PSAP personnel. The In-house Trainer must be a certified E9-1-1 telecommunicator. The State 911 Department has posted a schedule above for the 2-hour workshops that will explain the role and responsibility of the PSAP In-House Trainer. It is strongly suggested that PSAPs select one or more candidates to attend this workshop.

ECaTs Training Webinars

Training for PSAP Administrators, Managers & Supervisors ONLY.

ECaTS is a new, web-based Emergency Call Tracking System that is now available to Massachusetts PSAPs. The system is actively collecting data from 9-1-1 call handling equipment, to provide actionable information on data like answer times, call transfer details, call and more

These trainings are web-based, and are conducted every Tuesday from 10am-12pm.  To register, please fill out the application and send to and details and webinar dates will be emailed back to you with further instructions.