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View E9-1-1 upcoming classes

Please see the training calendar below for the upcoming classes.

June 2021

Training Calendar

July 2021

Training Calendar

August 2021

Training Calendar

If you are an ACD PSAP, please email for class dates. 

*Please note, applications MUST BE received by the State 911 Department 10 business days prior to the class.*

APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator Training Application

Next Generation 9-1-1 NEW HIRE Training Application

Next Generation 9-1-1 REFRESHER Training Application

Virtual Training Platform Information

PSAP In-house Workshop Application, Dates & Times

Please use the PSAP In-House Trainer Workshop Application to register for one of the dates and times listed below. Additional dates and times will be added as needed.

Workshop Dates

Designated PSAP In-house Trainer Information –

The State 911 Department has developed a virtual learning environment in an effort to assist PSAPs with certifying personnel remotely.  In order to meet the minimum training requirements set-forth in the State 911 Department’s CMRs, the Department will begin hosting the following classes through a virtual platform:

  • Basic Public Safety Telecommunicator course (APCO PST 7th edition)
  • A two-day, NG9-1-1 New Hire Equipment Training course

Virtual training will require full participation of a “PSAP In-House Trainer”. Each PSAP is asked to designate one or more PSAP In-house Trainer(s) to work with the State 911 Department’s Programs Division in certifying PSAP personnel. The In-house Trainer must be a certified E9-1-1 telecommunicator. The State 911 Department has posted a schedule above for the 2-hour workshops that will explain the role and responsibility of the PSAP In-House Trainer. It is strongly suggested that PSAPs select one or more candidates to attend this workshop.

ECaTs Training Webinars

Training for PSAP Administrators, Managers & Supervisors ONLY.

ECaTS is a new, web-based Emergency Call Tracking System that is now available to Massachusetts PSAPs. The system is actively collecting data from 9-1-1 call handling equipment, to provide actionable information on data like answer times, call transfer details, call and more

These trainings are web-based, and are conducted every Tuesday from 10am-12pm.  To register, please fill out the application and send to and details and webinar dates will be emailed back to you with further instructions.

Request PSAP In-House Training Forms