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In House NG 9-1-1 Equipment Training Program

In an effort to support PSAPs that are experiencing staffing issues, the State 911 Department has developed a 4 hour, in-house NG9-1-1 equipment training program using an in-house trainer selected by the PSAP. The in-house program allows a PSAP to temporarily waive the EMD certification, instead advising new staff to ask the 5 questions that are recommended by the CDC that will be included in the training packet that you will receive the State 911 Training Department. Additionally, the State 911 Department is temporarily waiving the 40 hour Basic Telecommunicator certification requirement.    

Effective immediately, PSAPs can now use training material provided by the State 911 Department to train and certify staff in-house. 
Examples of eligible candidates for training are:  trainees that were not able to complete the training due to cancelled new hire classes, police officers, firefighters and EMD/paramedic that work for the town/city, administrative staff from town/city offices and vetted potential new hires.

PSAPs wishing to participate in the training should follow the same process in place now which is to fill out the application and indicate the dates that you intend to conduct the in-house training.  When the Programs Division receives the application they will send back the training packet along with an email offering further instruction.  

May 2020

  52nd Public Safety Communications Academy
*Postponed-new date TBD