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Supreme Judicial Court Rules Massachusetts Rules of Electronic Filing Rule 10: File size limitations and legibility

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(a) File size limitations

The Provider has set a maximum megabyte size for each document, and a maximum envelope size for all documents contained in one envelope. A User must limit the size of each electronically filed document, and the total size of all the documents filed within one envelope, to comply with the maximum file size and envelope size permitted by the Provider. Documents exceeding those limits cannot be transmitted by the Provider.

(b) Submission of oversized documents

Documents or envelopes larger than the maximum allowed file size may be submitted for e-filing if they are broken up into separate segments, each of which complies with the Provider's size restrictions. The User shall indicate in the document "Description" field that a filing is part of multiple parts (for example, "Volume 1 of 2"). 

(c) Scan settings for text documents

To minimize file size, Users must configure their scanners to scan text documents at 200 dpi and in black and white rather than in color.

(d) Color and high resolution images

For documents that consist of images beyond text, such documents shall be scanned at sufficient resolution to ensure a legible and accurate representation of the image. Black and white images should be scanned in grayscale. Images should only be scanned in color if color is relevant, such as color photographs used as an exhibit.

(e) Users must verify document legibility and orientation

A PDF produced under these rules must be of high quality sufficient to ensure a legible and accurate reading of the entire document. A User must verify the legibility and orientation of scanned documents before submitting them for e-filing.

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