Supreme Judicial Court Rules
Electronic Filing Rules

Supreme Judicial Court Rules Massachusetts Rules of Electronic Filing Rule 9: Format and content of documents

Adopted Date: 06/07/2018
Effective Date: 09/01/2018
Updates: Adopted June 7, 2018, effective September 1, 2018 (480 Mass. 1301)

Table of Contents

(a) Documents shall be filed in searchable PDF

Except where specifically provided, all documents submitted for e-filing must be in searchable Portable Document Format (PDF). Documents should be submitted as electronically converted PDFs rather than scanned PDFs whenever possible. Scanned PDFs shall be made searchable using optical-character-recognition software, such as Adobe Acrobat. Documents shall not be locked or otherwise password protected.

(b) Documents shall be formatted in compliance with Massachusetts court rules and orders

Users shall format all documents in accordance with the Massachusetts Court Rules and Orders governing formatting of paper documents, including page limits and font style and size, unless a deviation has been allowed by court order.

Each document submitted for e-filing may contain electronic links, but only to navigate within the same document.

(d) Paper filing required

Each court may identify documents that must be filed by conventional methods in paper form only.

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