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To advance efficiency in the Massachusetts courts and thereby better serve the public and the bar, the Justices hereby authorize the trial and appellate courts to conduct pilot projects on electronic filing and electronic service of court documents. The attached Interim Massachusetts Electronic Filing Rules that will govern the pilot projects are also approved.  Therefore,

It is ordered that:

1.  Electronic filing pilot projects are hereby authorized for the trial and appellate courts.  Trial court pilot courts shall be approved by the Chief Justice of the Trial Court and the Court Administrator.  The Justices of the appellate courts shall approve the pilot projects in those courts.  

2.  The attached Interim Massachusetts Electronic Filing Rules are approved for use in the pilot projects.  These rules shall remain in effect throughout the pilot projects, unless otherwise ordered by this Court.  The rules may be amended by order of this Court.  

3.  If there is any conflict between the Interim Massachusetts Electronic Filing Rules and the Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure, or the rules of any appellate court or trial court department, the terms of the Interim Massachusetts Electronic Filing Rules shall govern the pilot projects.  

4.  Each pilot court shall issue an order describing the scope of its pilot project and any additional requirements that are not set forth in the Interim Massachusetts Electronic Filing Rules.

5.  The pilot projects shall begin in March, 2015, or as soon after as practicable and shall continue until further order of the Court.  

Downloads for Supreme Judicial Court Order regarding electronic filing pilot projects