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Rule 105

Motions and other interlocutory matters must be in writing and filed before being heard or placed on a list for hearing, unless otherwise ordered by the court. Notice of such hearings shall be as provided in Rule 6(c) of the District/Municipal Courts Rules of Civil Procedure. Hearing days for such matters may be established by the several district courts or by the Boston Municipal Court, respectively.

A motion for leave to amend pleadings shall contain, or have attached to it, the proposed amendment. An amendment of the pleadings agreed to in writing by all of the adverse parties shall take effect when filed, without any action by the court.

The court need not hear any motion, or opposition thereto, grounded on facts, unless the facts are verified by affidavit, or are apparent upon the record and files, or are agreed to and stated in writing signed by the attorneys for the parties interested.


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