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Rule 110

Whenever judgment is rendered upon a bill of exchange, promissory note, check, trade acceptance, certificate of deposit or any negotiable instrument, the same shall be filed with the clerk. No execution shall issue nor other proceeding to enforce such judgment shall be maintained until such document is so filed with the clerk; provided that, if it shall be made to appear by satisfactory evidence that the paper or document necessary to be filed in order to complete the record has been lost or destroyed, the court may order issuance of execution upon the filing of a sufficient bond of indemnity, if so ordered by the court notwithstanding the foregoing provisions.

Such instrument shall not be withdrawn from the files except upon (1) order of court, (2) the making by the clerk of a memorandum on such instrument, if practicable, and otherwise on a paper attached thereto, showing the name of the court, the number of the case, the party or parties against whom judgment was rendered and the amount thereof, and (3) the filing of a copy of such instrument, attested by the clerk.