NEW! MassTaxConnect will be available for additional tax types on December 5, 2016

◊ Estate
◊ Fiduciary Income
◊ Income for Clubs and Other Organizations not Engaged in Business for Profit  (Form 3M)
◊ Income for Exempt Trust and Unincorporated Associations (Form M990T-62)
◊ Motor Vehicle Sales and Use
◊ Nonresident Composite Tax
◊ Non-Stamped Cigarette Excise
◊ Partnership Income
◊ Personal Income
◊ Personal Use


MassTaxConnect is DOR's state-of-the-art, electronic system for filing and paying taxes in the Commonwealth. The new integrated tax system replaced WebFile for Business in 2015, and individual income taxpayers will have access to MassTaxConnect on December 5, 2016.

Features of MassTaxConnect

For business taxpayers:

With the new system in place, business taxpayers are able to register, submit returns, schedule and make payments and much more. All that taxpayers liked about WebFile for Business is now part of MassTaxConnect and then some. Check out the features and benefits.  Top Benefits of MTC  pdf format of Top Benefits of MTC

Personal income tax and other tax types will be added to MassTaxConnect on December 5, 2016. 

Personal income taxpayers will be able to register, schedule and make payments, and review any notices or other communications on MassTaxConnect.

It is not mandatory to register for MassTaxConnect, except to give your tax professional access to your account. In fact, most individual taxpayers will not notice any changes to their tax filing practices unless they file using WebFile for Income, which will not be available as of November 2016. Most WebFile for Income users will likely qualify for free filing options. Check out the filing options

Estate, fiduciary income, income for clubs and other organizations not engaged in business for profit (Form 3M), income for exempt trust and unincorporated associations (Form M990t-62), motor vehicle sales and use, non-stamped cigarette excise, nonresident composite, and partnership income tax types will also be added in December and taxpayers within those tax types may file returns in addition to the other features available.

Learn More About MassTaxConnect

MassTaxConnect has included a comprehensive help tool and extensive FAQs to help you navigate. You can check out the FAQs in MassTaxConnect.

Video tutorials are available to help introduce you to the new system. DOR has produced a series of short video clips highlighting the most common functionalities you'll need to file and pay your state taxes. To access these tutorials go to MTC Tutorials.

Tax Types Available in MassTaxConnect

Connecting to MassTaxConnect

If you were a WebFile for Business user, your username and password has been carried over to MassTaxConnect. Simply log in to MassTaxConnect using your current information. The first time you log on, you will be asked for an authentication code as an additional security measure. Request the code in the pop-up window, enter it on the login page, and click “trust this computer” and that’s the last time you’ll do that for that computer.

If you weren't a WebFile for Business user, you have two options to log in to MassTaxConnect. Use your Taxpayer Credentials and "sign up" your business by simply providing a few pieces of information from a prior return like taxes owed or the amount of a refund. Or, use the Unique ID Code which was sent to you by DOR.

Have Login, Username or Password Questions?

Have log-in, username, or password questions about DOR’s newest tax system for business taxpayers? Select here to learn more!