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This page provides information and resources to assist with navigating Early Intervention in Massachusetts.

When it comes to our early intervention system, research shows that young children learn best from the people they trust and who care about them, in places where they feel safe and comfortable. Families play the most important role in their child’s development.

Whether you’re concerned that your child or a child you know might have a developmental delay, this page offers information, resources, and family engagement and leadership opportunities in early intervention.

What you need to know

Additional Resources

  • Developmental Milestones Information
    Do you have concerns about your infant or toddlers’ development? Children develop at their own pace, so keeping track of developmental milestones can help to know what to expect as your child gets older. If you notice developmental concerns for your child, you should have them screened and evaluated by a healthcare provider or seek a referral for services.
  • EI Division Learning Opportunities
    The Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s (MDPH) Early Intervention Division is pleased to announce new and ongoing Professional Development and Technical Assistance (TA) opportunities for families and early intervention (EI) service providers.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to contact the Early Intervention Division, please click the link below so we can direct your inquiry to the right person.

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