Guide MassDEP Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

The Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) regulates the registration, installation, operation, maintenance, inspection, and closure of petroleum fuel and hazardous substance UST systems.

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News & Updates

Check here first for program announcements and news.

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published in the Federal Register both proposed and direct final rules approving January 2015 revisions to the MassDEP UST Program:

    Proposed Rule

    Direct Final Rule

    EPA has determined that these revisions satisfy all requirements for federal approval. EPA will accept public comment for 30 days and its approval will take effect 60 days after publication, unless EPA receives adverse comment. If you have any questions, please contact Joan Coyle of EPA at 617-918-1303 or

Earlier updates:

  • All Massachusetts USTs with submersible pumps not upgraded with turbine sumps by January 1, 2019, must be removed or permanently closed in place.
  • Single-Walled Steel Tanks (SWSTs) had to be removed or permanently closed in place by July 1, 2018.
  • Until further notice, MassDEP is not enforcing (1) tank and piping tightness testing standards that took effect on January 1, 2018, or (2) requirements that piping be tested before regulated substances are put in tanks.

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Facility Owners & Operators

Owner/operators of underground storage tank (UST) systems in Massachusetts are required to:

  • Meet all registration, compliance, and reporting requirements of 310 CMR 80.00 by using the UST Data Management System. Follow the Key Actions link below. If you are new to online filing, please see Online Filing & Forms before beginning.
  • Employ at least one MassDEP-certified Class A, B and C Operator for every UST system (see Key Actions for certification details and Additional Resources below for a current list of those who have passed their exams).
  • Ensure that all UST systems and components are inspected every three years by a MassDEP-certified Third-Party Inspector (TPI). See the TPI Search in Key Actions.
  • Submit a Compliance Self-Certification to MassDEP every three years via the UST Data Management System.
  • Demonstrate sufficient financial resources to pay for environmental and other damages if their tanks release a regulated substance. See Additional Resources for details.

Additional Resources for Facility Owners & Operators

Third-Party Inspections & Inspectors

The owners/operators of most underground storage tank (UST) systems in Massachusetts are required to have those systems and their components inspected every three years by Third-Party Inspectors (TPIs).

MassDEP's TPI Certification Program ensures that those responsible for inspecting UST systems have the necessary knowledge and understanding of how these systems work. Qualified individuals are certified for five years and need to apply for renewal at least 90 days before their current certifications expire. 

Hired directly by tank owner/operators, these professionals document the results of their on-site inspections, review facility record keeping to ensure it meets state requirements, and report their inspection findings to the MassDEP via nSPECT, an online reporting system.

Although TPIs provide compliance advice to their clients, they are not authorized to enforce laws or regulations.

See Key Actions and Additional Resources below to learn more.

Additional Resources for Third-Party Inspections & Inspectors

Online Filing & Forms

Use the UST Data Management System in Key Actions below to register underground storage tanks with MassDEP, notify the agency of changes in their status, and report the results of third-party inspections.


  • If you are new to online filing, see Instructions for New Owners of UST Systems in Additional Resources below.
  • As a new user, you will also need to create an account and submit a completed and notarized Standard Proof of Identity Form, also available below. You may fill out and save the Microsoft Word form on your computer. The PDF version has to be printed out and completed by hand.
  • Only if you are unable to file online, obtain the forms you need from the Download Center below.

Additional Resources for Online Filing & Forms

Regulations & Policies

The MassDEP Underground Storage Tank (UST) Regulation (310 CMR 80.00) was last amended in January 2015. See Additional Resources below for:

  • The full regulation and an FAQ.
  • A schedule of important deadlines for upgrading, testing, and inspecting specific types of equipment and systems.
  • Information about MassDEP enforcement discretion.

See also: 310 CMR 40.000 (site and spill cleanup) and 503 CMR 4.00 (21J fund UST cleanup fees)

Additional Resources for Regulations & Policies

USTs in Massachusetts

See Key Actions below for:

  • A searchable, sortable public database of underground storage tank facilities in your community and across Massachusetts. 
  • Current data on active UST facilities in Massachusetts, UST system inspection findings, and confirmed product releases.