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Guide MPTC Statewide Program Coordinators

The MPTC employs a cadre of knowledgeable, skilled practitioners to coordinate training and instructor standards in the areas of defensive tactics, domestic violence, firearms, health and wellness, highway safety, legal issues, first responder/CPR, patrol procedures, sexual assault investigations and use-of-force application and decision-making.

Provided here are the Municipal Police Training Committee's dedicated subject matter experts who are focused on specific, critical, high-risk training areas.

Table of Contents

Subject Matter Experts Contact Information

Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation (ATCI), MPTC Highway Safety Division
Ross Panacopoulos (Ret) | (978) 852-8479 |

CPR/First Responder
Neal Hovey | (978) 815-2153 |
Guide to the CPR/First Responder Instructor Certification process.

Defensive Tactics
Sean Barbale | (774) 696-4073 |
Guide to the Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification process.

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault
Maura Landry | (781) 437-0313 |
Guide to the Domestic Violence Instructor Certification process.

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), MPTC Highway Safety Division
Sergeant Donald Decker (Ret) | (978) 502-4063 |

Lieutenant Bill Leanos (Ret) | (978) 375.6958 |
Guide to the Firearms Instructor Certification process.

Health and Wellness
Jason Shea | (508) 317-1000 |
Guide to the MPTC Health and Wellness Instructor Certification process.

Highway Safety Division Grants Manager
Melixza Esenyie, HSD Grants ManagerĀ | (781) 437-0307 |

Legal Issues
Sheila Gallagher | (781) 437-0314 |

MILO Interactive Simulation Training
John (Jack) Dube | (781) 589-5565 |
Guide to the MILO Force Control Simulator Instructor Certification process.

Patrol Procedures
Rob Stering | (781) 363-3524 | or
Guide to the Patrol Procedures and Active Shooter Instructor Certification process.

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
Lieutenant Steve May (Ret) | (978) 337-2847 |