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Guide MPTC Statewide Program Coordinators

The MPTC employs a cadre of knowledgeable, skilled practitioners to coordinate training and instructor standards related to training police officers in the areas of defensive tactics, domestic violence, firearms, health and wellness, highway safety, human trafficking, legal issues, CPR/first responder, patrol procedures and active shooter, sexual assault investigations and use-of-force application and decision-making.

Provided here are the Municipal Police Training Committee's dedicated subject matter experts focused on specific, critical, high-risk training areas, responsible for coordinating training and certifications on behalf of the Municipal Police Training Committee, including curriculum and course development and instructor certification criteria and approvals.

Table of Contents

Contact Information

CPR/First Responder
Neal Hovey | (978) 815-2153 | |
Guide to CPR/First Responder Instructor Certification

Defensive Tactics
Sean Barbale | (774) 696-4073 |
Guide to Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification

Domestic Violence/Human Trafficking/Sexual Assault
Maura Landry | (781) 437-0313 |
Guide to Domestic Violence Instructor Certification
Guide to Human Trafficking Instructor Certification
Guide to Sexual Assault Instructor Certification

Sergeant Jason Brennan | (508) 989-3578 | |
Guide to Firearms Instructor Certification process.

Health and Wellness
Jason Shea | (508) 317-1000 |
Guide to MPTC Health and Wellness Instructor Certification

    Legal Issues
    Sheila Gallagher, Esq., Legal Issues Coordinator | (781) 437-0314 |

    MILO Interactive Simulation Training
    John (Jack) Dube | (781) 589-5565 |
    Guide to MILO Force Control Simulator Instructor Certification

    Patrol Procedures
    Timothy Watts | (508) 868-5694 |
    Guide to Patrol Procedures and Active Shooter Instructor Certification