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Door-to-door marketing notification

Competitive suppliers, electricity brokers and gas retail agents that are door-to-door marketing to residential consumers are required to submit daily notifications to the DPU.

DPU electric competitive supply team

The Details of Door-to-door marketing notification

What you need for Door-to-door marketing notification

You will need to provide a complete notice pursuant to D.P.U. 19-07-A which asks for the following information:

  • Company contact information for 2 company employees responsible for overseeing the door-to-door marketing campaign

  • Name of the third-party door-to-door vendor(s) and contact information for a vendor supervisor or manager responsible for overseeing the door-to-door marketing campaign

  • A list of up to 5 municipalities (or neighborhoods) in which the company expects it may conduct door-to-door marketing that day

  • The permit status within each municipality the company expects to market door-to-door

    How to submit Door-to-door marketing notification

    Download the form below and email a copy of the notice to all of the following:

    1. for electric notices and for gas notices
    2. the Attorney General at and

    All 3 tabs of the spreadsheet should be filled out and the document should be submitted as an Excel document (not a pdf).  The subject of the email and the attachment should be labeled as: "D2D notice - NAME OF COMPANY - date of email in MM.DD.YY format"

    More info for Door-to-door marketing notification

    You must only file a notice if you are marketing door-to-door to residential customers; you do not need to file a notice if you are marketing door-to-door to commercial or industrial customers. 

    Protective treatment

    Based on D.P.U. 19-07-A certain information is kept confidential:

    • (1) the municipality information and (2) the door-to-door marketing vendor contact information tabs in the spreadsheet are granted protective treatment pursuant to D.P.U. 19-07-A under the standing order for protective treatment
    • the competitive supplier contact information tab in the spreadsheet is not granted protective treatment.

    Applicants do not need to submit a motion for protective treatment and must only provide a confidential version of the document.

    Municipalities and neighborhoods

    For each day, you may identify up to 5 municipalities where the competitive supplier intends to market door-to-door to residential customers.  In the City of Boston, you must identify a specific neighborhood where you plan on door-to-door marketing.  This neighborhood will count towards one of the 5 municipality limit allowed in the notice.

    • Allston
    • Back Bay
    • Bay Village
    • Beacon Hill
    • Brighton
    • Charlestown
    • Chinatown-Leather District
    • Dorchester / Mid-Dorchester
    • Downtown
    • East Boston
    • Fenway-Kenmore
    • Hyde Park
    • Jamaica Plain
    • Mattapan
    • Mission Hill
    • North End
    • Roslindale
    • Roxbury
    • South Boston
    • South End
    • West End
    • West Roxbury

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