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Renew your disability placard

If your placard is nearing expiration or requires re-certification, you will need to renew your placard for it to stay valid.
Processing time varies based upon application volume. Please allow at least 30 business days for processing.

RMV - Medical Affairs Division

The Details of Renew your disability placard

What you need for Renew your disability placard

If you have a permanent disability placard (expires every 5 years), the RMV will mail your new placard 2 weeks before your current placard expires. Upon receipt of your new placard, destroy your current placard as this one has been cancelled and is no longer valid.

If you have a temporary placard (issued for a period between 2 and 24 months), you will need certification from a medical professional that the placard needs to be extended or made permanent.  A person may use the application for disabled parking or may send a doctor's request (recently dated and written on the doctor's professional letterhead). The doctor must include the following:

  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Duration disabled parking is needed
  • Ambulatory range and use of ambulatory aid (if used)
  • A statement whether you:
    • Are medically qualified to operate a motor vehicle safely.
    • Should be evaluated by the RMV via a road competency exam, or
    • Are not medically qualified to operate a motor vehicle safely.


How to renew Renew your disability placard

For temporary placards, mail the completed application and supporting documents to:

Attn: Medical Affairs Branch
Registry of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205-5889

For temporary placards, you can bring your completed application and supporting documents to the RMV Haymarket Service Center, located at:

Registry of Motor Vehicles - Haymarket Center
3rd Floor
136 Blackstone St.
Boston, MA

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Downloads for Renew your disability placard

Contact for Renew your disability placard

Mailing Address
PO Box 55889, Attention: Medical Affairs, Boston, MA 02205-5889
Physical Address
136 Blackstone Street, Haymarket Center, Boston, MA 02109


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