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Request Speed Measurement Certification

This request is for graduates of Recruit Officer Courses authorized by the Municipal Police Training Committee and must be made by the department's chief of police or administrator.

Contact the Acadis Support Team

The Details of Request Speed Measurement Certification

What you need for Request Speed Measurement Certification

The Speed Measurement Certification process will now be accepted online via the MPTC Acadis Portal, this new process eliminates the former application process.

Please log into the MPTC Acadis Portal and follow our seven (7) easy steps in the Speed Measurement Certification Request User Guide to submit your request.

Issuance of Certificate: When approved, your training history will be updated to include RADAR or LIDAR cert course. The diploma can be printed from the Acadis Portal.

To receive a speed measurement certification after graduation, the officer must complete 24 hours of supervised operation of the departments equipment for either RADAR and/or LIDAR.

After the required 24 hours of supervised RADAR and/or LIDAR training is completed, the chief of police, department training director, or other authorized designee may request a speed measurement certificate be added to the officer’s training record via the MPTC Acadis Portal.

Please forward any questions to MPTCAcadis@mass.gov

How to request Request Speed Measurement Certification

Log into the MPTC Acadis Portal

  1. Select Training & Events tab
  2. Select Submit Completed Training for Approval. Choose which certification is being applied for.
  3. Enter the time frame for RADAR or LIDAR field experience.
  4. Select the appropriate location where training was completed
  5. Enter Officer Name(s), Training Category (if utilized), and Add to Roster.
  6. Add additional Documents or Comments if necessary and Submit Request.
    (Note: Finish Later can be chosen instead of Submit Roster if more time is needed before submission).
  7. Review: Once you have submitted your requests(s), you may review all Draft or Submitted requests.

Issuance of Certificate: When approved, your training history will be updated to include RADAR or LIDAR certification course. The diploma can be printed from the Acadis Portal.

Contact for Request Speed Measurement Certification

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