Reset VPN Password

How to request a password reset for your VPN account.

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The Details of Reset VPN Password

What you need for Reset VPN Password

You must have an existing VPN account. If you are an employee of DOR, EOPSS or MBTA, you must contact your agency main help desk for assistance.

Please note the VPN password expires one year after creation (please note the Verizon UIS system does NOT provide notification of an approaching password expiration!) Users can extend the expiration date by proactively changing their password on the Universal ID Profile Manager portal at prior to expiration.



How to request Reset VPN Password

If you forgot your VPN Remote Access password, or your password expired, you can reset your password by logging into your Verizon Universal ID Profile Manager portal:

1. For your username, include your name and the  address.  

2. In order to reset your password you must first provide the exact answers to your three security questions. At the time of UIS profile creation, all users are required to select three Security Questions and provide answers. 

If you are unable to do provide the exact three answer, and you are an employee of EOTSS or ANF, you can submit a ticket through ServiceNow to request a password reset, or email the CommonHelp service desk at 

3. Once you are logged in, click on the "Reset Password" link.

If you require immediate help to reset your VPN account password, contact your agency help desk. If you are an employee of EOTSS or ANF, contact the CommonHelp Service Desk by phone at (866) 888-8208.


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