Accessible fishing spots

Discover accessible fishing piers and platforms in Massachusetts state parks.

You can find a variety of accessible fishing spots in Massachusetts state parks. Accessible fishing spots can be accessible piers, docks, or natural shorelines. Contact the park for fish stocking and seasonal information.

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Beartown State Forest

A wooden platform over a tree-lined lake. Some areas of the railing around the platform are lowered.

This fishing platform on Lake Benedict has lowered sections for wheelchair users to fish from.

This accessible fishing platform runs along the edge of Benedict Pond at Beartown State Forest in Monterey. A stone dust path leads to the platform from the two accessible parking spaces 300 feet away. You can also enjoy accessible picnic tables and grills, or use the beach wheelchair at the nearby swim beach. There are seasonal restrooms available next to the parking area.

An accessible picnic table and pedestal grill on a stone dust area. A stone dust path leads to the fishing platform in the background.

There is an accessible picnic area next to the fishing platform in Beartown State Forest.

Cochituate State Park

A large wooden deck looks out over a lake surrounded by trees. There are a bench and two accessible picnic tables on the deck. Every other section of the deck railing is lowered.

The observation pier at Lake Cochituate has accessible seating, picnic tables, and many spots along the railing to fish from.

The observation deck at the boat launch area at Cochituate State Park in Natick has many accessible fishing spots along the railing. You can also enjoy accessible picnic tables and benches. If you want to fish out on the lake, one of the docks at the boat launch has a chair lift to help you get in and out of your boat. There are accessible restrooms and several accessible parking spaces on a paved accessible route 60 feet away from the entrance to the observation area.

A fixed chair lift on a dock. The chair has armrests and a footrest. A gangway leads down to the dock.

The chair lift at the Cochituate boat ramp can help you get into your boat.

Carson Beach

This accessible fishing pier on Dorchester Bay gives you views of Boston and Boston Harbor. Once you park at the Carson Beach parking lot, you'll walk along the accessible concrete Harborwalk for 1000 feet. There are benches along the path if you would like to stop and take a break or enjoy the view of the water. The path ends in a pavilion near a picnic area with accessible tables. You'll need to cross a flat lawn for the last 50 feet to get on the pier. The JFK/UMass T stop is about a half mile away.

DAR State Forest

A wooden dock with edge protection stretches out from a dirt area. Kayaks are lined up on the shore.

This is one of the wooden docks at the Upper Highland Lake boat ramp at DAR State Forest.

Upper Highland Lake in the DAR State Forest in Goshen has several different accessible fishing opportunities. There are three wooden fishing docks and a concrete fishing platform on the dam.

Two of the fishing docks are 50 feet away from the accessible parking at the Upper Highland boat launch area. The parking area is paved, but the path to the docks leads across the dirt boat launch, which has moderate slopes. If you want to get to the fishing platform off of the dam, you'll go up the slope of the dirt parking lot and get on an accessible stone dust path that leads to the platform 450 feet away. Or, you can park at the swim beach area that has seasonal restrooms and walk up a steep unpaved hill to get to the stone dust path that leads to the fishing platform from the other side of the dam. This route measures about 425 feet. There is a beach wheelchair available at the beach when it is open and lifeguards are on duty.

A stone dust path heads to a concrete platform over the water. The platform is surrounded by metal railings and has a lower section with a wooden board on the top.

This platform is in the middle of the dam that runs along Upper Highland Lake at DAR State Forest.

If you want to get away from the busy boat ramp, you can venture into the woods down the dirt parking lot to the accessible stone dust trail that winds along the shorelines. You'll find a dock nestled in the trees about 850 feet out on the trail, down a moderately sloped boardwalk.

A wooden boardwalk in the woods slopes down to a dock.

The dock in the woods on the accessible trail at DAR State Forest is far away from the bustle of the boat ramp.

Dunn State Park

Dunn Pond State Park in Gardner has an accessible fishing platform and dock near the Visitors Center. There is accessible parking 180 feet away on a paved accessible route. The Visitors Center has restrooms, and the nearby swim beach has a beach mat and beach wheelchairs. 

A second fishing pier is across the pond by Betty Springs Road. There is accessible parking 140 feet away on an accessible path.

A wooden platform with railings on the edge of a lake surrounded by trees.

The fishing platform on Dunn Pond near Betty Springs Road.

Hampton Ponds State Park

There is no designated accessible parking, but you can park on the grass next to the shoreline at Hampton Ponds State Park in Westfield and be close to a flat fishing opportunity. There is also a concrete pad on the water's edge if you need a hard surface to get to the water. You can drive to  seasonal accessible restrooms at the main swim beach across the pond.

Two people are fishing on a grassy shoreline. One of the people is using a wheelchair.

This shoreline at Hampton Ponds State Park is flat and easy to access.

Mount Tom State Reservation

Mount Tom State Reservation in Holyoke has two accessible wooden fishing platforms on Lake Bray. One platform is 330 feet away from the accessible parking near the restrooms, on a paved road with moderate slopes.

A paved path slopes gently down to a platform with a curb. The platform extends over a lake covered in ice and snow.

This platform is located off Reservation Road at Mt. Tom State Reservation.

The other platform is out along the accessible trail that runs along the lake. It is 1000 feet away along a stone dust trail with mostly moderate slopes, though there are sections that are as steep as a ramp.

A smooth, gentle trail in the woods leads to a platform with railings on the edge of a lake.

This fishing platform is nestled in the woods on the shore of Lake Bray.

Scusset Beach State Reservation

A long wooden pier with lowered areas along the railing. There are benches and rod holders.

You can enjoy saltwater fishing off of the accessible pier on the Cape Cod Canal at Scusset Beach State Reservation in Sandwich. You'll find accessible parking and restrooms at the park headquarters next to the pier.

Quabbin Reservoir

Quabbin Reservoir, Belchertown: Gate 8 has an accessible ramp for shore fishing, with accessible parking and an accessible portable toilet provided nearby.

Quinsigamond State Park

You can fish from the accessible promenade at Regatta Point at Quinsigamond State Park in Worcester. Accessible parking is provided next to the promenade.

A curved promenade with benches and a railing overlooks the water.

Photo by John Phelan. CC BY-SA 4.0

Wachusett Reservoir

You'll find an accessible fishing platform on the Quinapoxet River on the west side of the Wachusett Reservoir in West Boylston. The platform is downstream of the dam on the north side of River Road, about 3/10ths of a mile from the intersection with Thomas St. If you're using GPS, it should be near house number 12. There is one designated, unpaved accessible spot marked with signage, and other parking along the side of the road. An accessible stone dust path runs 520 feet from the parking to the platform. Contact the Wachusett Reservoir headquarters if you need directions to the platform.

A stone dust path leads to a wooded platform with a railing overhanging a river.

You can fish from this platform on the Quinapoxet River.

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