Accessible beaches

Find accessible coastal and freshwater beaches in Massachusetts state parks.

Get out on the beach in a state park on a boardwalk or beach mat. Use this guide to learn about beach mat and to find beaches that have mats. Please be sure to check the waterfront services at the beach you want to visit.

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Beach mat information

Beach mat rolls out over the sand to make a smooth, firm, and stable walking path onto the beach. The beach mats at our beaches go as close to the high-water line as possible. If you want to be sure that you can get into the water, visit one of our beaches that has a floating beach wheelchair.

Beach mat is placed seasonally from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The path beach mat takes on a beach may change from year to year as the beach changes, or to protect natural resources like dunes and piping plover nesting sites. Please contact the beach if you have questions about beach mat availability.

Barnstable County Beaches

Nickerson State Park, Brewster: Enjoy beach mat or a beach wheelchair at Cliff Pond Beach.

Scusset Beach State Reservation, Sandwich: Get out onto this beach on the Cape Cod Bay beach on beach mat or in a beach wheelchair. You'll also find an accessible salt-water fishing pier in the Reservation at the headquarters on the Cape Cod Canal.

South Cape Beach State Park, Mashpee: Stroll along the boardwalk to a viewing platform or enjoy the sand with beach mat or a beach wheelchair. Please note that this beach offers portable toilets.

Bristol County Beaches

Demarest Lloyd State Park, Dartmouth: Get out onto this rocky beach on beach mat or borrow a beach wheelchair.

Fort Phoenix State Reservation, Fairhaven: Enjoy the boardwalk and beach mat leading through the dunes or borrow a beach wheelchair.

Beach mat runs between the dunes and along the shore.

Fort Phoenix State Reservation

Horseneck Beach State Reservation, Westport: Walk along 2 miles of shoreline on a paved path or roll out onto the beach on beach mat or in a beach wheelchair. This beach has cobblestones. You may not be able to get up to the water in a beach wheelchair because of the stones. Check in with lifeguards to find out whether surf conditions will allow you to go into the water in a floating beach chair.

Essex County Beaches

Breakheart Reservation, Saugus: Hike along a paved pedestrian trail that winds over hills through pine and mixed hardwood forests to reach Pearce Lake. At the lake, you'll find beach mat leading to a sloped boardwalk that brings you right to the water's edge. The hike from the Wakefield entrance to the beach is a half mile long. The hike from the Saugus entrance is a mile long.

Nahant Beach Reservation, Nahant: Walk the full length of Long Beach on a boardwalk that parallels the water or venture out onto the sand on the beach mat at access points 2, 7, 9, 14, and 16. Check in with staff to borrow a beach wheelchair at the Halfway Bathhouse lifeguard station near access Point 7.

Salisbury Beach State Reservation, Salisbury: Enjoy the boardwalks over the dunes and the beach mat leading both to the ocean and to the Merrimac River at Access Point R1. Borrow one of the many beach wheelchairs to use on the sand or in the water.

Beach mat runs along the water next to a bench.

The Merrimac River at Salisbury Beach State Reservation.

Franklin County Beaches

Erving State Forest, Erving: Park close to the swim beach and an accessible picnic pavilion in the woods. Travel down a ramp with handrails to cross the beach and enter the waters of Laurel Lake.

Lake Wyola State Park, Shutesbury: Park in the main lot to get to the beach mat leading into the water, or park at the bath house for a boardwalk that leads to views of the lake and a fishing spot.

A boardwalk cuts through a lawn, running towards a lake with a wooded shoreline.

The boardwalk at Lake Wyola State Park.

Hampden County Beaches

Chicopee Memorial State Park, Chicopee: Park in the main lot and walk two tenths of a mile down a paved, hilly road to the shore of the Reservoir, or check in with park staff to drive to accessible parking at the bathhouse. Borrow a beach wheelchair or use the ramp and beach mat that leads to the water's edge.

Hampton Ponds State Park, Westfield: Spend time on the beach mat or in a beach wheelchair at Kingsley Beach. Afterwards, enjoy a picnic at the accessible pavilion.

Middlesex County Beaches

Hopkinton State Park, Hopkinton: You'll find beach mat at both Lower and Upper Beach on the reservoir, and beach wheelchairs at Lower Beach. Park next to the bath house and ramp leading down to Lower Beach. Walk the paved path that winds up and down a hill at Upper Beach to reach the restrooms and the beach.

Norfolk County Beaches

Houghton’s PondBlue Hills Reservation, Milton: Enjoy the interpretive boardwalk that offers an accessible route down to the beach and bath house. Get into the water on beach mat or in a beach wheelchair.

Plymouth County Beaches

Myles Standish State Forest, Carver: Wind through the trees to the water on beach mat at Fearing Pond Day Use Area. Please note that this beach offers portable toilets.

Beach mat runs up to the beach and along the water's edge at a pond surrounded by trees.

Fearing Pond in Myles Standish State Forest.

Nantasket Beach Reservation, Hull: Walk along the mile of shore on the seawall and roll out on beach mat at Tivoli Bathhouse on the north end. Borrow a beach wheelchair at the McCormack Bathhouse and check in with staff about the beach conditions at the south end of the beach, which is covered in cobblestones. You'll often find fewer stones and easier access at the northern end of the beach.

Suffolk County Beaches

Carson Beach, South Boston: You'll find beach mat and beach wheelchairs at the McCormack bath house at Carson Beach. Stroll or roll along the 3-mile urban shoreline on a paved pedestrian walkway that runs from Castle Island to the Kennedy Library.

Constitution Beach Park, East Boston: Enjoy views of Boston Harbor and Logan Airport at an accessible picnic table under the pavilion at this beach. Sunbathe on beach mat or borrow a beach wheelchair from the bath house.

Beach mat runs towards the water where a sailboat is moored. A plane is taking off.

Constitution Beach in East Boston.

Revere Beach Reservation, Revere: Stroll along the 2.5 mile promenade and get out onto the sand with beach mat at access points 6, 9, 31, 33, and 37. Check in with staff to borrow a beach wheelchair from the Shirley Ave bathhouse at access point 37.

Worcester County Beaches

Regatta Point at Quinsigamond State Park, Worcester: Stroll along the promenade and enjoy the beach mat and beach wheelchairs.

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