After you send a 30-day demand letter

Find out what your options are if you weren't able to fix the problem with the business after sending a 30-day demand letter.

If you have sent a 30 day demand letter and weren't able to come to an agreement with the business, you have 2 major options.


In this process, an outside person who is not on the side of you or the business will help both of you reach a solution you agree to. Mediation is voluntary. Both you and the business must want to do this. You can apply for mediation through your local consumer group. This group is affiliated with the Attorney General’s Office.


You may also sue the business through the court system. You can only sue if:

  • You’re a “consumer.” This is someone who is buys things for personal, family, or household use.
  • The business’s actions are “unfair” or “deceptive.”
  • The business’s actions resulted “in a loss of money or property, real or personal” to you.

If the claim is less than $7,000, Small Claims Court is the least costly option. Claims larger than $7,000 might be more suitable for District or Superior Court.

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