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Carpools, Taxis, and On-Demand Ridehailing Services

Carpools, taxis, and on-demand ridehailing services can help fill gaps in the transportation system.

Carpools, taxis, and on-demand ride-hailing services (formally known as Transportation Network Companies) can help provide transportation for older adults, people with disabilities, veterans, low-income commuters, and others who need a ride in Massachusetts.

Carpools and vanpools

  • Bay State Commute - online database to find carpool companions. You do not have to be able to drive - you can search as a driver or a passenger (formerly called NuRide)
  • Yes We Van offers vanpools in Southeastern Massachusetts
  • Volunteer drivers offer rides in their free time
  • Guidebook for employers on how to incentivize carpooling and other commuter options

Taxi and livery

Taxis and livery services can help you get around town or get from the bus stop to your final destination.

  • Some cities and towns offer taxi vouchers to help seniors and people with disabilities afford the fares
  • Taxi and Livery Partnership Grants - state grants to transit authorities, municipalities, nonprofits, and health and human service agencies to subsidize taxi and livery rides
  • Ride Match - find taxi and livery companies in your area, as well as other transportation options
  • Wheelchair-Accessible Taxicabs - report on strategies to help make wheelchair-accessible taxis available to consumers

Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)/ On-demand ride-hailing

What is a TNC?

  • TNCs are on-demand ride-hailing companies that use smartphone apps to connect riders with drivers. Drivers typically drive their own cars. On-demand means that riders do not need to book in advance - they summon the ride when they're ready to go.
  • Common examples include Lyft and Uber
  • Do TNCs serve your town? Check out this data on usage by municipality to see how many rides were offered in your city or town last year

TNCs for older adults, people with disabilities, and low-income individuals

  • TNC partnerships - some organizations contract or partner with TNCs to subsidize trips for older adults, people with disabilities, or low-income individuals
  • TRIPPS offers free ridehailing classes to seniors at Councils on Aging on how to use Uber and Lyft
  • GoGoGrandparent books TNC trips for individuals without smartphones

Other on-demand options

  • Microtransit is on-demand transportation provided by a transit authority. Contact your transit authority to find out if they offer any microtransit service

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