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MassMobility Reports

Reports on topics related to community transportation in Massachusetts.

These MassMobility reports highlight strategies and considerations for organizations looking to improve mobility for older adults, people with disabilities, or low-income individuals in Massachusetts. Sample forms or supporting documents accompany some of the reports.

Please visit our website to learn more about what MassMobility does, or contact us at massmobility@dot.state.ma.us. 

Table of Contents

Expanding Mobility through MassDOT's Community Transit Grant Program (2021)

Community Transportation for Transition-Aged Youth with Disabilities (2019)

Healthy Aging and Transportation (2022 & 2019)

Partnerships with Transportation Network Companies (2019)

Healthcare Transportation (2017)

Council on Aging Transportation Coordination (2017)

Travel Instruction (2016)

Volunteer Driver Programs (2019 & 2016)

Wheelchair-Accessible Taxis (2013)

Insurance Issues in Community Transportation (2013)

Vehicle Share (2012)

Other Reports

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