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COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative: Community-specific vaccination data

Community specific data reports for vaccine administration results, updated weekly, and data from the Public Health (DPH) COVID Community Impact Survey to help target approaches.

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A customized community data report provides access to weekly vaccination and COVID-19 incidence rates compared to the overall statewide rates. These data serve as benchmarks for the 20 prioritized communities in the Vaccine Equity Initiative (VEI).

These data can help the 20 VEI communities to direct resources toward identified gaps to achieve the equity benchmarks in each community overall and for population subgroups defined by race/ ethnicity, sex and age. The data report, posted on Fridays, highlights rates that meet or exceed the statewide vaccination average so the 20 VEI communities can see where additional outreach/vaccine should be prioritized.

Progress towards equity can be demonstrated when there is an increase in:

  1. The number of 20 VEI communities that received a First Dose or have been Fully Vaccinated – overall and within different race, sex and age groups – that meet or exceed the statewide rate.
  2. The decrease in COVID-19 Incidence rates in the 20 VEI communities as listed on the weekly COVID-19 statewide public health report.

COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative Data Dashboard

Updated weekly, on Friday afternoons

If you are having difficulty viewing the dashboard on a mobile or tablet device, you can view the full screen size or access information for keyboard and assistive technology users. To learn more about navigating the dashboard, download the VEI Interactive Dashboard Guide PDF | Doc

Archive of past reports, March 19, 2021-July 23, 2021: COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative: Community-specific vaccination data

COVID-19 Community Impact survey

DPH and stakeholders conducted the COVID-19 Community Impact Survey (CCIS) in the fall of 2020 to better understand the social and economic consequences facing Massachusetts communities due to the pandemic, to help prioritize resources. For more information, visit mass.gov/covidsurvey.

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