Electric vehicle charging

Here you will find information about electric companies’ electric vehicle charging infrastructure and programs.

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Eversource electric vehicle charging

In 2017, the DPU approved a 5-year make ready electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure program for Eversource as part of its most recent base distribution rate case (Section X.D of D.P.U. 17-05)The program prioritizes:

  • publicly accessible locations, such as public parking areas,
  • workplaces, and
  • multi-unit dwellings. 

Eversource plans to support the deployment of:

  • up to 3,500 level 2 charging ports at 450 charging sites
  • up to 72 direct current fast charging (DCFC) charging ports at 36 charging sites

Eversource recovers the costs of this program through its grid modernization factor.  Eversource must report on the EV charging program progress each year as part of its grid modernization annual report. The DPU also approved a two-phase evaluation plan for Eversource’s program implementation and impacts. The evaluation results are included in Eversource’s grid modernization annual report.  More information on Eversource's EV program is available on its website.

National Grid electric vehicle charging

In 2018, the DPU approved phase I of an EV charging related program for National Grid.  In 2019, the DPU pre-authorized additional investments for phase II of National Grid’s programThese programs cover publicly accessible charging infrastructure and EV customer charging management, including:

  • facilitating the deployment of up to 1,200 level 2 charging ports at 120 charging sites (Phase I)
  • facilitating the deployment of up to 80 DCFC charging ports at 20 charging sites (Phase I)
  • a research and development (R&D) program on EV charging data analysis and demand response research (Phase I)
  • an off-peak charging rebate program (Phase II)
  • a public fleet advisory services plan (Phase II)
  • an R&D program on co-configuration of DCFC with solar and/or storage facilities (Phase II)

National Grid recovers the costs of these programs through its EV factor.  National Grid must report on the progress of each program annually. The DPU also approved an evaluation plan for the Phase I program.  More information on National Grid's EV related programs is available on its website.




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