Evusheld (tixagevimab/cilgavimab)

Evusheld helps prevent COVID-19 in people whose bodies have trouble making antibodies.

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What is Evusheld?

Evusheld is used before someone gets COVID-19 and is a preventive treatment. Evusheld consists of 2 injections that are delivered at the same visit. Evusheld is not for the treatment of COVID-19 symptoms. It is not given to someone after they have been exposed to COVID-19.

You may be able to get this medication if you are 12 years or older and weigh more than 88 pounds if:

  • You have a weakened immune system because of a medical condition or because you are taking medications that affect your immune system, and as a result you are not expected to build up enough of an immune response to COVID-19 vaccination, or
  • You have a history of severe reactions to a COVID-19 vaccine and/or substance in a COVID-19 vaccine, and because of it, you are not recommended to get any COVID-19 vaccine,


  • You are not currently infected with COVID-19.
  • You have not been in close contact with or exposed to someone who has COVID-19 in the last ten days.

I think I’m eligible for Evusheld. How can I get it?

First, talk to your doctor to see if Evusheld is right for you. A prescription is needed to receive Evusheld.

Your doctor can help you find a site administering Evusheld. If you’re a patient at one of the provider systems below, your provider will do an in-network referral:

Atrius Health, Baystate Medical Center, Berkshire Medical Center, Beth Israel Lahey (Westwood), Beth Israel Deaconess, Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham & Women’s, Cambridge Health Alliance, Cape Cod Hospital, Charlton Hospital, Cooley Dickenson Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Elliot Lewis Center, Emerson Hospital, Lahey Hospital (Burlington), Lawrence General Hospital, Lowell General Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Mercy Medical Center, Milford Regional Hospital, Nantucket Cottage, Reliant Medical Group, South Shore Hospital, St. Elizabeth’s (Steward), Tufts Medical Center, and UMass Memorial Hahnemann Campus.

If you do not receive care at one of the sites listed above, your doctor can send a referral to a state-sponsored Gothams location, South Shore Hospital, or Boston Children’s Hospital (must be under 18 years old).

I received the initial lower dose of Evusheld prior to the dosage update on Feb. 24 and need a second dose. How can I get it?

On February 24th, the FDA revised the dosing regimen upward, because available data indicated that a higher dose of Evusheld may be more likely to prevent infection by the COVID-19 Omicron sub-variants BA.1 and BA.1.1. than the originally authorized Evusheld dose.

If you received an initial lower dose of Evusheld (150 mg of tixagevimab and 150 mg of cilgavimab), you should talk to your health care provider and return for an additional 150 mg of tixagevimab and 150 mg of cilgavimab as soon as possible.

Provider information

My patient is eligible for Evusheld. How can I get them a referral?

There are two pathways for Evusheld referrals:

  1. Option 1: If you or your Evusheld-eligible patient is affiliated with one of the provider systems listed above, please do an in-network referral.
  2. Option 2: If you or your Evusheld-eligible patient is not affiliated with the provider systems listed above, you may submit a referral to one of the state-funded sites located across the Commonwealth or you can submit a referral to South Shore Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, or Whittier Street Health Center:
    • South Shore Hospital in Weymouth: Accepting Evusheld referrals from providers. If you are a provider, please complete this form and fax it to 781-624-4099.
    • Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston: Accepting Evusheld referrals for individuals between 12 to 18 years of age. If you are a provider, please call 617-355-2170 to issue a referral.
    • Whittier Street Health Center in Boston: Accepting Evusheld referrals from providers. If you are a provider, please complete this form or call 617-858-2444.

If you are a health care provider and are interested in administering Evusheld at your practice, please reach out to DPH at covid19.resource.request@mass.gov.

Additional information

On June 28, 2022, the U.S. Department of the Health and Human Services released an important update regarding the Shelf-Life Extension of Evusheld under Emergency Use Authorization.

On December 8, 2021, the FDA issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for Evusheld.

Vaccination remains the most important protection against COVID-19. Evusheld is not a substitute for vaccination in people who are recommended to get the COVID-19 vaccine. You should wait at least two weeks between getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and getting Evusheld.