Forensic Chemistry Sections

Our Forensic Chemistry sections examine evidence to identify criminal drug or alcohol use.

Drug Identification Unit

Our drug laboratory analyzes all substances seized by law enforcement. We identify these materials to determine if they contain controlled or non-controlled substances. 

The most common substances identified at our drug laboratory include:





Prescription drugs

Our unit may also respond to investigations of possible illegal drug labs. We provide technical support to law enforcement in these investigations.

Toxicology and Postmortem Toxicology Units

Our Toxicology Unit conducts testing of blood and urine samples for cases of drivers thought to be operating under the influence (OUI).

Our Postmortem Forensic Toxicology Laboratory tests samples to detect evidence of drug use. These samples include:

  • Blood

  • Urine

  • Vitreous humor

  • Postmortem tissue

Office of Alcohol Testing

Our Office of Alcohol Testing oversees the state breath test program. Our office:

  • Certifies all breath test instruments that the state uses

  • Approves and distributes all control standards used with breath test instruments

  • Sets the standards for breath test training and certification for officers

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