HomeBASE is the Commonwealth’s re-housing benefit created to help families eligible for the EA Emergency Family Shelter system quickly find stable housing.

What are allowable expenses under HomeBASE?:

  • first and last month's rent and security deposit for a new apartment
  • a monthly stipend for up to two years to help pay rent (in Massachusetts and only for housing where the tenant’s rent does not go up or down when their income changes)
  • Potentially other expenses, such as furniture, based on families’ needs
  • Once a family is found eligible for the EA Emergency Family Shelter system, the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities will assess the family’s needs to determine the amount and type of help available through HomeBASE.

HomeBASE also provides a case manager for each family to help tackle housing challenges and gain access to community supports, such as:

  • Education
  • Workforce development
  • Childcare
  • Other support to ensure success as a new tenant 

Who Is Eligible for HomeBASE?

  • Families found eligible for EA Emergency Family Shelter by Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC) can access HomeBASE. Eligible families must meet EA income standards and other criteria, which include having a qualifying reason for homelessness.
  • Families can access HomeBASE even if they are not yet placed in a shelter. To do this they must provide documents to prove their eligibility for the EA Emergency Family Shelter system (which includes HomeBASE).
  • Families living in non-EA domestic violence shelters and residential use treatment programs may also be able to access HomeBASE. Families in these programs who are interested in HomeBASE should ask staff at their shelter or residential program about a referral.

    If you are in a housing crisis and need help:
  • Dial 211 for information about programs in your area that may be able to help you, or visit Mass211.org
  • If you are facing eviction, but not yet homeless, contact the RAFT program.
  • You can also contact the EA Emergency Family Shelter Program

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