Mandatory MassHealth Enrollment (NEW for ALL Dentists)

Learn about the new MassHealth enrollment requirements, effective November 3, 2017.

Mandatory Enrollment with MassHealth

Effective November 3, 2017, each dentist must enroll with MassHealth as an Ordering, Referring and Prescribing (“ORP”) non-billing provider (if not already enrolled with MassHealth as an approved billing provider) before applying for an initial dental license or seeking to renew an existing dental license.

M.G.L. c. 112, s. 45 mandates that the Board of Registration in Dentistry (“Board”) condition the initial issuance or renewal of all dental licenses on a dentist’s application to participate in MassHealth as an ORP non-billing provider unless the dentist is already enrolled as an approved billing provider. Accordingly, you will not be permitted to renew your dental license unless and until you submit an ORP enrollment form to MassHealth. As part of the online licensure renewal process you will be asked to attest that you have submitted an ORP enrollment form directly to MassHealth.

For information on the ORP non-billing provider requirements and how to enroll with MassHealth, please refer to the link below, or call the DentaQuest Credentialing Customer Service Center (MassHealth) at (800) 233-1468.

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