MassDOT Chapter 90 funding guidelines

Chapter 90 funds are allocated for roadway projects.

Table of Contents


Roadway projects include resurfacing and related work (the minimum for resurfacing shall be 3/4" course with a continuous length of 500') and other work incidental to the above such as:

  • Preliminary engineering including state aid/consultant design agreements
  • Right-of-way acquisition
  • Shoulders
  • Side road approaches
  • Landscaping and tree planting
  • Roadside drainage
  • Structures (including bridges), sidewalks, traffic control and service facilities
  • Street lighting (excluding operating costs)
  • Other purposes authorized by the department

The municipality must provide documentation of compliance with Chapter 149, Sections 44J and 26-27F; as applicable.

Additional project guidelines for Chapter 90 work voted and approved by the Board of Commissioners on September 28, 1994

Highway Construction, Preservation and Improvement Projects

Highway Construction, Preservation and Improvement Projects that Create or Extend the Life of Capital Facilities

Resurfacing, Graveling, Microsurfacing, Pug Mill Mix (cold mix), Chip Stone Seal, Oil and Stone, Infrared Repairs (in connection with surface treatments), Recycled Aggregate Pavement, Rip Rap, Fabric, Crack Sealing, Drainage, Intersections, Shoulders, Guardrails, Sidewalks, Footbridges, Berms and Curbs, Traffic Controls and Related Facilities, Right of Way Acquisition, Street Lighting (excluding operating costs and decorative enhancements), Construction, Direction and Warning Signs (must comply with MUTCD), Bridges, and Tree Planting/Landscaping in association with a project.

Projects and Uses

Bikeways, Salt Sheds, Garages (construction and additions) for storage of road building equipment. Bikeways and Public use of off-street parking facilities related to mass transportation, a facility with bus or rail services. Engineering services and expenses related to highway and mass transportation purposes. Pavement management systems, development and maintenance.

Road Building Machinery, Equipment and Tools

Care, repair and storage must be project related and submitted on the same project request form. Purchase, replacement and long-term lease of road building machinery, equipment and tools that must remain the property of the municipality. Long-term lease will be reimbursed once annually for the construction season.

Road Building Equipment

Air Compressor, Asphalt Hot Box, Back Hoe, Berm Machine, Catch Basin Cleaner, Chipper, Wood & Brush, Chain Saw, Clam or Dragline, Compactor, Concrete, Floor Trowel, Concrete Mixer, Crack Sealer, Crane, Excavator, Generator, Grader, Gradall, Infrared Machine, Jackhammer, Lab Testing Equipment, Loader, Pavement Breaker, Paver, Pump, Roller, Spreader for Chip Seal Project, Striper, Survey Equipment, Sweeper, Tools, Tractor, Trailer, Trencher, Truck, Minimum 27,000 Pounds, Welder.