MassWorks Infrastructure Program

MassWorks provides grants to communities to help them prepare for success and contribute to the long term strength and sustainability of our Commonwealth.

The MassWorks Infrastructure Program is a competitive grant program that provides the largest and most flexible source of capital funds to municipalities and other eligible public entities primarily for public infrastructure projects that support and accelerate housing production, spur private development, and create jobs throughout the Commonwealth.

MassWorks is authorized under Mass. General Laws, Chapter 23A, Section 63 and is administered by the Executive Office of Economic Development. EOED is committed to helping communities prepare for success and contribute to the long term strength and sustainability of our Commonwealth. The program places particular emphasis on the production of multi-family housing in appropriately located walkable, mixed-use districts that result in direct and immediate job creation and/or that support economic development in weak or distressed areas.

The MassWorks program is now part of the Community One Stop for Growth, a single application portal and collaborative review process of community and economic development grant programs that make targeted investments based on a Development Continuum. This process will streamline the experience for the applicant and better coordinate programs and staff on engagement and grant making. It will also reorient the State from a passive reviewer of funding requests to an active partner in economic growth strategy, priorities, and investment. Access to the next round of MassWorks is now exclusively available through the One Stop. Learn more about the One Stop.

MassWorks 2024 Round 

The Healey-Driscoll Administration is pleased to announce the opening of the next round of the MassWorks Program through the Community One Stop for Growth. All Massachusetts municipalities and public entities are eligible to apply for grant support for public infrastructure improvement and small town road improvement projects.

Full Application Deadline: June 5, 2024 at 11:59 PM

Visit the Community One Stop for Growth website at, for specific round information and access to the online application. The MassWorks Program Guidelines are available below for reference:

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