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MFIRS Tools for Fire Departments

MFIRS forms, PowerPoint Presentations - Teaching Aids, MA Certified Vendor List

Coding COVID-19 calls in NFIRS & MFIRS.

This applies to all calls (regardless of Incident Type) between 1/1/2020 and 12/31/2022.

The USFA’s National Fire Data Center (NFDC) is implementing a national-level special study in the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) and to assist fire departments in recording responses to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic in a nationally consistent manner. The special study will document fire department calls to suspected or confirmed incidents involving the sudden and nationwide spread of COVID-19. The severity of the spread has resulted in a national emergency declaration and is impacting the nation’s fire service.

      1. Basic Module Special Study (ID# 9244): COVID 19 was a factor in this incident.

      2. Special Study Codes & Description (single digit field):

      Code                 Description/Definition

       1                   Yes, COVID 19 was suspected.

       2                   Yes, COVID 19 was confirmed.

       3                   No, COVID 19 was not a factor.

       4                   Unknown.


Read the full Fire Marshal's advisory on NFIRS/MFIRS  COVID-19 Coding for USFA Study.

Read the Fire Marshal's advisory on coding fire service exposures on the firefighter casualty report.




These are the paper forms to be used to document an incident in MFIRS.

Additional Resources

MFIRS Quick Reference Guide

This is the coding manual for the Massachusetts Fire Incident Reporting System.

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MFIRS PowerPoint Presentations

MFIRS Certified Vendors

This is a list of MFIRS vendors that have been certified by DFS.

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