Municipal aggregation

Information on municipal aggregation, a process where municipalities can aggregate the electrical load of customers within their borders to procure competitive supply of electricity.

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Municipal aggregation is the process by which a municipality (meaning a town or city) purchases electricity in bulk from a competitive supplier on behalf of the residents and businesses within the community. 

In a municipal aggregation:

  1. A municipality will procure competitive electric supply on behalf of participating customers.
  2. A municipality may join with other municipalities to procure competitive supply.
  3. Customer participation is voluntary.  The municipality will provide customers an opportunity to opt-out of participating in a municipal aggregation program.  Customers who do not opt out will be automatically enrolled in the aggregation program, but may opt out at any time after that.
  4. The electric utility company will continue to provide electric transmission and distribution service to participating customers.

How does a municipality create a municipal aggregation?

A municipality must:

  1. Vote to initiate the municipal aggregation program.
  2. Prepare a municipal aggregation plan in consultation with the Department of Energy Resources, often in partnership with a consultant.
  3. Allow an opportunity for citizen review of the municipal aggregation plan.
  4. Submit a municipal aggregation plan to the DPU for review and approval.

Approved municipal aggregations

To view information about your municipality's aggregation program, including pricing information, click on your municipality's name below.

To view all document filings related to the approval of the municipal aggregation plan, visit the file room and type the case number using the following format: XX-XX (numbers only).  The first two digits in a case number represent the year the case was opened.  The following digits are assigned sequentially for all cases opened in that year.  


Municipality Case number
Abington D.P.U. 17-08
Acton D.P.U. 16-154
Acushnet D.P.U. 15-94
Adams D.P.U. 15-69
Aquinnah D.P.U. 04-32
Arlington D.P.U. 16-100
Ashby D.P.U. 12-94
Ashland D.P.U. 15-86
Attleboro D.P.U. 15-93
Auburn D.P.U. 15-63
Avon D.P.U. 17-182
Barnstable D.T.E. 04-32
Bedford D.P.U. 17-178
Bellingham D.P.U. 16-131
Berlin D.P.U. 16-45
Bernardston D.P.U. 16-47
Billerica D.P.U. 17-44
Bourne D.T.E. 04-32
Brewster D.T.E. 04-32
Brookline D.P.U. 16-99
Burlington D.P.U. 15-16
Cambridge D.P.U. 16-176
Carlisle D.P.U. 17-07
Carver D.P.U. 15-107
Charlton D.P.U. 16-98
Chatham D.T.E. 04-32
Chelmsford D.P.U. 15-87
Cheshire D.P.U. 15-91
Chilmark D.T.E. 04-32
Clarksburg D.P.U. 13-145
Dalton D.P.U. 13-136
Dartmouth D.P.U. 15-108
Dedham D.P.U. 15-109
Dennis D.T.E. 04-32
Dighton D.P.U. 15-97
Douglas D.P.U. 15-110
Dracut D.P.U. 15-111
Eastham D.T.E. 04-32
Easton D.P.U. 17-109
Edgartown D.T.E. 04-32
Egremont D.P.U. 16-48
Fairhaven D.P.U. 15-98
Fall River D.P.U. 15-106
Falmouth D.T.E. 04-32
Florida D.P.U. 13-137
Foxborough D.P.U. 16-132
Franklin D.P.U. 16-57
Freetown D.P.U. 15-99
Gardner D.P.U. 16-113
Gloucester D.P.U. 16-101
Grafton D.P.U. 16-133
Great Barrington D.P.U. 16-186
Greenfield D.P.U. 13-183


Municipality Case number
Hadley D.P.U. 17-173
Halifax D.P.U. 16-142
Hamilton D.P.U. 16-197
Harwich D.T.E. 04-32
Hatfield D.P.U. 16-111
Haverhill D.P.U. 15-61
Heath D.P.U. 16-62
Holliston D.P.U. 15-17
Kingston D.P.U. 16-115
Lancaster D.P.U. 12-39
Lanesborough D.P.U. 17-45
Lenox D.P.U. 13-138
Leverett D.P.U. 17-06
Lexington D.P.U. 16-152
Lowell D.P.U. 12-124
Lunenburg D.P.U. 11-32
Marion D.P.U. 15-112
Marlborough D.P.U. 17-47
Mashpee D.T.E. 04-32
Mattapoisett D.P.U. 15-113
Medway D.P.U. 17-48
Melrose D.P.U. 15-92
Mendon D.P.U. 16-72
Methuen D.P.U. 15-60
Millbury D.P.U. 16-96
Millis D.P.U. 17-179
Millville D.P.U. 16-46
Monterey D.P.U. 15-18
Nantucket D.P.U. 16-92
Natick D.P.U. 13-131
New Ashford D.P.U. 17-46
New Bedford D.P.U. 15-105
New Marlborough D.P.U. 13-139
Newburyport D.P.U. 15-62
Newton D.P.U. 18-36
North Adams D.P.U. 13-140
North Andover D.P.U. 17-15
Northbridge D.P.U. 15-100
Norton D.P.U. 15-101


Municipality Case number
Oak Bluffs D.T.E. 04-32
Orange D.P.U. 17-14
Orleans D.T.E. 04-32
Oxford D.P.U. 16-97
Pelham D.P.U. 16-56
Pembroke D.P.U. 16-141
Pittsfield D.P.U. 16-63
Plainville D.P.U. 15-102
Plymouth D.P.U. 16-114
Plympton D.P.U. 17-17
Provincetown D.T.E. 04-32
Rehoboth D.P.U. 15-103
Rockland D.P.U. 17-180
Salem D.P.U. 15-58
Salisbury D.P.U. 16-51
Sandisfield D.P.U. 16-50
Sandwich D.T.E. 04-32
Seekonk D.P.U 15-104
Sheffield D.P.U. 13-141
Shirley D.P.U. 17-21
Somerset D.P.U. 15-95
Somerville D.P.U. 16-95
Southborough D.P.U. 17-19
Stoneham D.P.U. 18-07
Stoughton D.P.U. 17-43
Sudbury D.P.U. 16-167
Sutton D.P.U. 16-38
Swampscott D.P.U. 15-59
Swansea D.P.U. 15-96
Tewksbury D.P.U. 15-90
Tisbury D.T.E. 04-32
Truro D.P.U. 04-32
Tyngsborough D.P.U. 16-112
Tyringham D.P.U. 13-142
Upton D.P.U. 16-71
Walpole D.P.U. 16-155
Wareham D.P.U. 16-102
Webster D.P.U. 18-16
Wellfleet D.T.E. 04-32
Wendell D.P.U. 16-49
West Bridgewater D.P.U. 17-16
West Brookfield D.P.U. 16-61
West Springfield D.P.U. 16-160
West Stockbridge D.P.U. 13-143
West Tisbury D.T.E. 04-32
Westborough D.P.U. 15-125
Westford D.P.U. 15-115
Westport D.P.U. 15-114
Williamsburg D.P.U. 16-143
Williamstown D.P.U. 13-144
Winchendon D.P.U. 15-19
Winchester D.P.U. 16-168
Yarmouth D.T.E. 04-32



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Last updated: July 2, 2018


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