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Municipal aggregation annual reports

Each municipality that aggregates the electrical load of customers within their borders to procure competitive supply of electricity must submit an annual report to the Department of Public Utilities.

Table of Contents

Report requirements

The report submitted to the DPU must include:

  1. A list of the municipality’s competitive suppliers over the past year;
  2. The term of each power supply contract;
  3. The municipal aggregation’s monthly enrollment statistics by customer class;
  4. The number and percentage of customers that opted out
  5. A brief description of any renewable energy supply options;
  6. A discussion and documentation of the municipal aggregation’s alternative information disclosure strategy, to the extent applicable;
  7. Evidence showing that the municipality has complied with all provisions in the public education plan; and
  8. Copies of complaints received by the municipality, the municipal aggregation consultant, or competitive supplier regarding the program.

More information on the reporting requirements is available in the November 28, 2018 hearing officer memorandum and February 14, 2019 email memorandum

Municipalities should use this template to file their annual report with the DPU.

2018 annual reports

To view the 2018 annual reports, visit the file room.

2017 annual reports

2016 annual reports

2015 annual reports

2014 annual reports



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