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MyGICLink Member Benefits Portal Coordinator Toolkit

GIC is continuing modernization efforts to improve the member experience by automating processes to provide easy-to-use, self-service solutions using the Member Benefits Portal. The heart of this transformation is driven by the implementation of myGICLink.

We have developed a Coordinator Toolkit as a resource to support you throughout the launch. The Coordinator Toolkit contains:

  • Rollout Plan: an up-to-date schedule of when each agency will be live on the Member Benefits Portal
  • Member Portal User Guides: a resource for users with step-by-step instructions and screenshots on how to use the most common functions and processes on the Member Benefits Portal.
  • Micro-Videos: short step-by-step instructional videos demonstrating how to complete key processes
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): a resource that provides answers to Pilot Coordinators’  most frequently asked questions on the Member Benefits Portal.
  • MyGICLink: What You Need to Know: a list of clear, concise statements to help your Benefits Coordinators answer questions and talk about or discuss the Member Benefits Portal.

Table of Contents

HR/CMS Toolkit

Municipal Toolkit

Offline Toolkit

Agency List Rollouts



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