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Nightclub Fire Safety

Information about nightclub fire safety

Nightclub safety has been important in Massachusetts since the 1942 Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire occurred in Boston, killing 492 people. Most of today’s college students were infants when the 2003 fire at The Station Nightclub in Rhode Island killed 100 people including 30 MA residents. Many changes in laws, and fire and building codes came about as a result of that tragic fire including installing sprinklers in bars and clubs that hold more than 100 people and trained crowd managers must be on site when clubs are open.

Learn more about crowd manager training and requirements on our Crowd Manager page.


Video: A Survival Guide to Getting in and Getting Out

The most important thing is for club patrons to know how to keep themselves safe and to have an exit strategy. If a club is overcrowded- leave. Look for all possible exits, not just the one you used to enter.

Watch and share this short video for college students on nightclub safety “A Survival Guide to Getting In and Getting Out”. Young adults worry about getting into the hot clubs, but we want them to make a plan to get out in case of danger.

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