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Code and Fire Prevention Support

The Fire Safety Division provides code compliance and fire protection engineering support to local fire departments.

Compliance officers and engineers can look into any matter covered by MGL Chapter 148 or 527 CMR 1.00.

Code compliance officers:

  • Ensure statewide compliance with Massachusetts laws and regulations the State Fire Marshal enforces
  • Have statewide jurisdiction
  • Support the regulatory compliance efforts of local fire departments
  • Review plans and issue permits for the operation of above ground storage tanks

Fire protection engineers support local fire prevention efforts by reviewing plans for new construction or substantial renovation. They also ensure the uniform application of the fire and building codes and other laws.

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Code compliance officer at work.

COVID-19 Pandemic Guidance

Fire Safety in Temporary Shelters and Uses

Guidance for fire and building officials on fire and life safety in temporary shelters and temporary uses of buildings from Commission or the Division of Professional Licensure and the State Fire Marshal: Joint DFS/DPL Advisory on Temporary Shelters

Advisory from the State Fire Marshal on the fire code and heating in tents, canopies and other temporary structures.


Emergency Order on Sale and Transfer Inspections

The Executive Order issued by Governor Charles D. Baker during this COVID-19 pandemic for smoke and CO alarm inspections for the sale and transfer of residential properties has been rescinded with an effective date of July 10, 2020.  Buyers who agreed to defer the inspection must have the inspection completed by October 9, 2020.  An advisory published by the State Fire Marshal is available below and provides additional information.

Governor’s Executive Order Reinstating Licensing Deadlines and Resuming Certain Inspections

Fire Safety Division Forms and Applications

The Division of Fire Safety has forms and applications for local fire departments and for a variety of regulated industries including:

  • Fire prevention forms and applications .
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Program forms and applications.

Visit the Fire Safety Division forms and applications page.

Massachusetts Fire Code

Learn about the Massachusetts State Fire Code, including:

Revisions to the Comprehensive Fire Safety Code took effect October 18, 2019. For more information see the Advisory - Revisions to 527 CMR 1.00: Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code .

Visit the Massachusetts State Fire & Electrical Code page.

Fire Code Compliance

Technical support staff provide:

Fire departments can reach the DFS Code Compliance Desk at (978) 567-3375.

Additional Resources

Fire Prevention Resources

FSD Advisories to Fire Departments and the Public

The State Fire Marshal issues technical advisories for fire professionals and the public:

Visit the FSD Advisories to Local Fire Departments page.



DFS Code Compliance Desk (978) 567-3375

Open 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.


DFS Code Compliance
1 State Road
Stow, MA 01775