Regional Commissions

Eleven Regional Commissions expand the reach of our mission

We have 11 Regional Commissions throughout the state, which exponentially expand the reach of the state Commission’s work:

Apply to one of our Regional Commissions!

We now accept applications to our 11 regional commissions on a rolling basis. To apply, email your resume to the office at, and complete this e-form. We will contact you when a seat opens on the regional commission to which you applied, and your application is moving on to the selection committee. 

Regional Commissions are comprised of 9-13 volunteer members who have had prior experience working towards the improvement of the status of women, and exist to provide a positive and effective voice for women and girls in their respective regions. Commissioners are drawn from diverse racial, ethnic, religious, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, and socio-economic backgrounds throughout the state. 

Regional Commission's duties include: studying, reviewing and reporting on the status of women in the county; promoting and facilitating collaboration among local women’s organizations; recommending policies that benefit women to agencies, officers of the state, and local government; and holding fact-finding hearings and other public forums as it may deem necessary. Commissions meet at least 4 times a year, at the members’ discretion.

Appointments to Regional Commissions are made by the state Commission - Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. 

Regional Commissioner Policies and Handbook

MCSW Policies for MCSW Regional Commissions

MCSW Regional Commission Handbook January 2022 Edition

The Regional Commission Process

Modeled after the MCSW, the 11 county and regional women’s commissions were legislatively created to study and report on the status of women and girls in their geographical areas, and to provide permanent and effective voices for women and girls. Each county and regional commission reports its findings annually to MCSW.

Once the legislation has passed to establish a county or regional commission, the MCSW solicits and reviews commissioner applications, makes appointments, hosts a formal inaugural event to have the new commissioners sworn in, and conducts an opening session. After the initial appointments have been made and the opening session conducted, the MCSW continues to offer support to the commissions and oversees the appointments and reappointments of their commissioners. The MCSW convenes with regional commissions bi-annually in order to maintain strong partnerships and build the capacity of regional commissions.

Local Women’s Commissions

There are currently 10 local Women’s Commissions that represent various cities and towns in the Commonwealth. While these Commissions are independent of MCSW, the Commission serves as a resource and partner for local commissions and maintains contact with them on a regular basis. They include:



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