Review of direct mail marketing material

Competitive suppliers, electricity suppliers, and gas retail agents must submit their direct mail marketing material to the DPU for review.

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Guidance for competitive supply companies

The direct mail marketing material must:

  • identify the name of the competitive supplier, and
  • disclose that the supplier is selling a product.

The direct mail marketing material cannot lead consumers to believe that:

  • the marketing is official communication from the state, their utility, or their municipality,
  • unless they take quick action, the electric or gas service may be interrupted,
  • the supplier is working with a municipal aggregation program.

The direct mail marketing material cannot inaccurately describe:

Submitting marketing materials for DPU review

After September 8, 2020, you must submit direct mail marketing materials including the envelope to the DPU for review before sending the marketing to consumers.  We will review the marketing material based on the guidance described above.  You should not resubmit a marketing material if the only change is a quantitative price (for example, a price or a contract term).  You must resubmit the marketing material for our review if the change is qualitative information. 

Our review may take up to 10 business days.  If you do not hear from us you may use the marketing material that you submitted. You must email the direct mail marketing material(s) and envelope to:

  • for electric marketing materials
  • for gas marketing materials

The subject of the email and the attachment should be labeled as: "direct mail marketing - NAME OF COMPANY - date of email in MM.DD.YY format"

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