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Seasonal Fire Safety

Learn how to stay safe from fire and other hazards all year long.


  • Mulch Fire Safety.  Mulch is combustible and causes many fires each year. Read these tips for residents, landscapers, property managers, and building owners.
  • Smoking Fire Safety.  Many people step outside to smoke as the weather warms up. There's no truly safe way to smoke, but if you must do it then please do it responsibly.


  • Fireworks.  Be smart. Leave fireworks to the professionals. Illegal fireworks start fires and cause serious injuries to residents every year. Learn to enjoy fireworks safely.
  • Summer Safety Tips. Outdoor activities including grilling, fireworks, and gardening can be dangerous. Check out our resources to have a safe and happy summer!
  • Grilling.  Many people like to grill in the summer. But every year grilling fires cause injuries and property damage. Learn to grill safely.
  • Pool Chemical Safety.  Avoid fire and injury by storing, using, and disposing of pool chemicals safely.
  • Hurricane Safety.  Learn to stay safe during a hurricane.


  • Candles.  Candles are pretty but they cause many home fires. Learn how to prevent candle fires.
  • Winter storm safety.  Hundreds of people die accidentally each year from CO poisoning caused by malfunctioning or improperly used fuel-burning appliances when the weather is cold and winter storms happen. Learn to stay safe during winter storms.
  • Winter holidays.  More home fires happen on December 25th than any day other than Thanksgiving. Learn to keep your home and family safe during the winter holidays. 

  • Ice and cold water.  Each year, many Massachusetts residents are injured in cold water. Learn about cold water and ice safety.

  • Open Burning Safety.  The Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and your local fire department limit open burning for public health and safety reasons. Learn when and where open burning is allowed, and how to do it safely.


  • Halloween Safety Tips.  Learn to keep everyone safe on Halloween and when visiting corn mazes in the fall. 
  • Thanksgiving.  There are more home fires on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year. Learn to keep your home and family safe on the holiday. 

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