VIP EDRS for Funeral Homes

Information for funeral homes using the Vitals Information Partnership (VIP) Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)


Funeral homes access the death record in the VIP Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) to create a new death record or to access a death record that has been created by a medical certifier.

Funeral directors are responsible for completing the personal data items on the decedent, facilitating the certification of the medical portion of the death record, working with the local board of health or its agent in the city or town where the death occurred in order to obtain a burial permit, and working with the city or town clerk to register the death record.

Funeral homes can print the Disposition Permit from the EDRS when the burial agent issues the permit or, if the city/town allows e-Permitting, when the record has been released to the burial agent. Funeral homes are still responsible for paying permit fees in accordance with the requirements of the burial agent.

Families in Massachusetts can elect to perform the role provided by the funeral home. This is referred to as a becoming a “special designee.” More information about processing records as a special designee can be found in the VIP EDRS – City/Town Clerk page, because the city or town clerk where the death occurred will provide data entry support for special designees.


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