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Who pays me if I need to go back out as a result of the injury?

Find out if the workers' compensation insurance company needs to pay you if you go back out after returning to work.

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Who's responsible for paying me?

If you return to work for less than 28 calendar days, and are forced to leave work again due to your injury, the workers' compensation insurer must resume payments to you, but only if the insurer has voluntarily accepted liability for the injury, or been assigned responsibility by a judge.

However, you are required to report your renewed disability to the insurer, in writing, within 21 calendar days of going back out. The insurer must resume these payments within 14 calendar days of receiving notice from you, again if they have accepted responsibility for the injury or a judge has previously ordered the workers' compensation insurer to pay you.

If, however, responsibility has not been established, then the insurer wouldn't be required to reinstate benefits. In that case, you would need to file a Form 110 - Employee Claim.

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