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Small claims court forms

A collection of general small claims forms and instructions, supplemental forms, e-filing forms, and more.

Note: The easiest way to file a Small Claim is using Small Claims Guide and File. This program will help you fill out the forms to file a small claim by providing questions which you can answer in plain language. It will not give you legal advice. Once you have completed the interview, the program will generate filled-in forms that you can electronically file in the proper court.

Some small claims forms are also available in:

Chinese  |  Haitian Creole  |  Khmer  |  Portuguese  |  Russian  |  Spanish  |  Vietnamese 

These forms may not display properly in your browser. Please download the form(s) you need and open in Acrobat Reader. For more information, please see What to do if you can't open court PDFs.

Table of Contents

General small claims forms & instructions

District Court small claims supplemental forms

Housing Court small claims supplemental forms

Small claims eFiling forms

Small claims forms in other languages