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Unemployment workplace posters and pamphlets

Employers are required to post a copy of the workplace poster "Information on employees' unemployment insurance coverage" (form 2553A) in a common employee area where it is visible to all staff.

Employers must also provide a copy of the "How to file for unemployment insurance benefits" pamphlet (form 0590A) to all employees who are separated from work, permanently or temporarily. Under the state’s Employment and Training Law, M.G.L. Chapter 151A, employers must provide a copy of this pamphlet as soon as practicable, but no more than 30 days, from the last day the employee performed compensable work.

Both the poster and the pamphlet are available in English and 12 additional languages.

Table of Contents

Information on Employees' Unemployment Insurance Coverage (workplace poster)

How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits (pamphlet)

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