Boylston Police Academy


221 Main St. , Boylston, MA 01505


Academy Director (781) 437-0322
Laura Nichols, Program Coordinator for Veteran Officer and Specialized Training (781) 437-0352


Laura Nichols, Program Coordinator for Veteran Officer and Specialized Training


(508) 869-3187



The Boylston Police Academy is a full service academy offering Basic Recruit, Veteran Officer In-Service, Specialized, Basic Reserve, and Reserve In-Service training programs and accommodates police training to approximately seventy area police departments from cities and towns within Central Massachusetts.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the academy staff. Hours of operation for daytime programs are 8:00am to 4:00pm and evening programs 6:00pm to 10:00pm.


Monday - Friday:
9:00 am-5:00 pm


Parking is located in the upper parking lot, and is required. For more information about parking, please call. 


The Boylston Police Academy opened its doors in October of 1998. The Academy setting boasts a large parcel of scenic property with buildings originally owned by the Digital Corporation and is now home to the Municipal Police Training Committee's Boylston Regional Police Academy. Occupying the entire second floor of the Boylston Town Offices Municipal Complex, the Boylston Police Academy has three classrooms, each seating fifty students. The Academy also has a gymnasium, showers, and a dedicated Range 3000 room for scenario based use of force simulator training. The Academy grounds also offer a well-manicured outdoor soccer field and many walking/running trails.


  • Basic Recruit
  • Veteran Officer In-Service
  • Specialized 
  • Basic Reserve
  • Reserve In-Service training

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The Academy works closely with the Central Massachusetts area Chiefs of Police Association to develop and deliver quality police training programs. The Central Massachusetts area Chiefs of Police are additionally responsible for overseeing the evening Reserve Basic and Reserve In-Service training programs for part-time police officers, which many Central Massachusetts departments rely on in large numbers.

We think we have an excellent cadre of instructors made up almost entirely of active duty and retired police officers with years of experience both in the field and as trainers. All of our instructors are certified by the MPTC and are dedicated to giving students the full benefit of their experience, education, and knowledge.


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