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The specifications of the Numbered Resident List ("The List"), established by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 234A, Section 10, as amended by the Acts of 1982, Chapter 298, are set forth in this Regulation.


The format of the List shall be set forth as follows. The List shall be typewritten or machine printed and shall contain the maximum number of lines per page as possible to reduce the total number of pages. One legible copy of this list shall be sent to the Office of Jury Commissioner no later than June first of each year. The minimum page size shall be eight and one-half inches by eleven inches. The maximum page size shall be eleven inches by fifteen inches. Continuous forms shall not be burst.


The heading on each page of the List shall contain the following data: the name of the city or town, the name of the county, the current year, the title "Numbered Resident List", and a consecutive page number.


The List shall contain the following information for each person who is seventeen years of age or older as of the first day of January of the current year, and who resides as of the first day of January of the current year in such city or town: name (last name, first name, and middle initial), mailing address (where a street address and a Post Office Box number are available, provide the Post Office Box number), Zip Code for the mailing address, date of birth (must include the month, day, and year of birth), sex, occupation and a consecutive sequence number. For each city or town, the first sequence number shall be one, and the last sequence number shall equal the total number of persons on the list.


Vacant properties and other types of "non-resident" listings shall not appear on the Numbered Resident List.


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