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The specifications of the Special Forms ("The Form") used by cities and towns to provide the prospective Juror List to the Office of Jury Commissioner, pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 234A, Section 14 , as amended by the acts of 1982, Chapter 298, are set forth in this Regulation.


The Special Form is attached to this Regulation. Any city or town which qualifies and elects to submit information to the Office of Jury Commissioner pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 234A, Section 14 , as amended, shall use The Form for this purpose.


All information inserted into the Special Form shall be typewritten. Double-spaced format shall be used. The information pertaining to each numbered resident shall be contained in a single type written [sic] line on The Form.


The following information shall be inserted into the appropriate blanks in the heading on each page of The Form: the current year, the name of city or town, the name of the county, and a consecutive page number.


For each numbered resident on the numbered resident list whose sequence number appears in the list of random numbers generated by the Office of Jury Commissioner pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 234A, Section 13 , the following information shall be inserted into The Form under the appropriate column headings: The sequence number shall be numeric, without leading zeros, and be right-justified within the column. The last name shall contain the full last name, not to exceed twenty-five characters including blanks, be hyphenated if appropriate, include such designations as "JR" or "III", and be left-justified within the column. The first name shall contain fourteen characters including blanks, and be left-justified within the column. The middle initial shall be one character. The mailing address shall contain the house number, street name, and apartment number or the Post Office Box number if appropriate, not to exceed thirty-two characters including blanks and be left-justified within the column. The Zip Code shall be five numeric characters and the Zip+4 Code shall be four numeric characters. Where the Zip Code and/or the Zip+4 Code are the same as the previous entry, ditto marks may be used, except that ditto marks may not be used on the first entry of any page. The date of birth shall be inserted as month/day/year. The month, day, and year shall be represented by one or two-digit numbers, respectively, separated by slashes; e.g., February 1, 1950 shall be typed 2/1/50. If the date of birth is not known, year of birth shall be inserted in its place by typing four digits without slashes; e.g., 1950 shall be typed 1950. Not more than eight characters including blanks and slashes shall be inserted into this column. The sex shall be specified by a single character, "M" for male, "F" for female. If the sex is not known, this column shall be blank. Occupation shall be left-justified within the column and shall contain not more than sixteen characters including blanks.


Any city or town that desires to submit its Special Form in a machine-printed format, as opposed to a typewritten format, may make a written request to the Jury Commissioner for authority to do so on or before the first day of June of each year. The proposed machine-printed list shall contain all of the information required to be inserted on The Form, and it shall substantially [sic] the same format as it would have been if typewritten. Enclosed with the letter of request shall be a sample page of the proposed printed list. The Jury Commissioner will grant or deny such request in writing within ten days of its receipt.

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