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Board of Registration of Perfusionists

We evaluate the qualifications of applicants for perfusionist licensure, and grant licenses to those who qualify. We also establish rules and regulations to ensure the integrity and competence of licensees.

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Perfusionists are skilled health professionals. They are trained and educated as members of an open-heart, surgical team. They are responsible for the selection, set-up, and operation of a mechanical device referred to as the heart-lung machine.

Perfusionists can:

  • Handle operating the heart-lung machine during surgery
  • Monitor the altered circulatory process
  • Take appropriate corrective action when abnormal situations arise
  • Keep both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist informed
  • Operate mechanical devices to assist in the conservation of blood and blood products during surgery
  • Provide extended, long-term support of the patient's circulation outside of the operating room

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