SJC Clerk's Office for the County of Suffolk

Message from Clerk Maura Doyle

During the coronavirus public health crisis, the SJC Clerk's Office for Suffolk County is open to the public, subject to the health and safety protocols established by the Court. Contact information for the office and links to our business areas can be found below.

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Maura S. Doyle, Clerk
John Adams Courthouse, 1st Floor, One Pemberton Square, Suite 1300, Boston, MA 02108-1707


Main phone number 617-557-1100
Attorney Services 617-557-1050

Hours: Weekdays (except holidays) 8:30 am - 4:30pm


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To File New Single Justice Cases

About the Clerk's Office for the County of Suffolk

Maura S. Doyle, Esq., is the Clerk for the County of Suffolk. Learn more about Clerk Doyle

The Clerk's Office for the County of Suffolk is primarily responsible for the single justice caseload of the Supreme Judicial Court, administrative and disciplinary matters filed by the Board of Bar Overseers affecting members of the bar, and matters relating to Bar Admission and the practice of law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

The office has three departments:

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