Resource  Performance Standards for Local Public Health

As part of the state action for public health excellence program being established by the Department of Public Health pursuant to G.L. c. 111 § 27D(b), the Office of Local and Regional Health created the first ever Performance Standards that will elevate over time to improve the municipal and regional public health system. Elevating the standards for and improving the performance of local public health departments is also one of the six recommendations in the 2019 Blueprint for Public Health Excellence report released by the Special Commission on Local and Regional Public Health. Massachusetts has defined a set of local public health performance standards, credentials, and workforce training requirements, created with local public health partners. Achieving all Performance Standards is critical for the equitable delivery of high-quality health services across our state.

Organization: Office of Local and Regional Health
Date published: October 11, 2023

Performance Standards for Local Public Health

Performance StandardsAchieving all Performance Standards is critical for equitable delivery of health services across our state. This website is intended to be used as a resource and educational tool for local and regional public health, municipal leaders, and the public on mandated local public health responsibilities. This website provides easy navigation to specific topics or items, complete with code reference and contact information for the respective state program.

If your Local Board of Health or shared services arrangement has specific questions relating to this document or the Performance Standards, please send an email to Aimee Petrosky at


  • For a comprehensive list of the Performance Standards (all the mandated services required to be provided by local public health), please download the Performance Standards (Excel). Search the table below to find the category or topic you are interested in learning about.
  • For additional information about the Performance Standards, including workforce credentials and logistics, please download the Performance Standards Frequently Asked Questions document (Word).


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