Accessible fishing piers and platforms

Discover accessible fishing piers and platforms in Massachusetts state parks.

You can find a variety of accessible fishing spots in Massachusetts State Parks. Accessible fishing spots can be accessible piers, docks, or natural shorelines. Contact the park for fish stocking and seasonal information.

Accessible docks and piers


Carson Beach, South Boston: An accessible fishing pier close to an accessible picnicking area with views of Bostonin a scenic area. Public transportation is available.

D.A.R. State Forest, Goshen: 3 accessible fishing docks are provided on Upper Highland lake. An accessible parking area and accessible trail are near the docks.

Dunn State Park, Gardner: 2 accessible fishing piers are provided. One pier is near the visitors center and beach, and the other is across the pond by Betty Springs Road.

Hopkinton State Park, Hopkinton: An accessible dock is provided.

Mt. Tom State Reservation, Holyoke: 2 accessible wooden fishing piers are located on Lake Bray. One pier is out in the open and has a bench, while the other is in the woods off of the accessible trail.

Nickerson State Park, Brewster: Fisherman's landing offers an accessible fishing pier.

Quinsigamond State Park at Regatta Point, Worcester: Fish from the accessible promenade.

Scusset Beach State Reservation, Sandwich: An accessible saltwater fishing pier is located on the Cape Cod Canal.

Accessible shorelines

Hampton Ponds State Park, Westfield: An accessible natural shoreline, with accessible parking along the shore.

Quabbin Reservation, Belchertown: Gate 8 has an accessible ramp for shore fishing, with accessible parking and an accessible portable toilet provided nearby.


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