Learn about the Attorney General’s Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau

The Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau protects Massachusetts residents from discrimination, fraud, unfair labor or business practices, and other crimes.

Divisions within the Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau include:

The Consumer Advocacy and Response Division

The Consumer Advocacy and Response Division (CARD) can help you resolve a dispute with businesses, refer you to a network of consumer assistance services, and answer your questions regarding complaints against businesses. CARD also has authority under the Massachusetts False Claims Act to bring actions against securities professionals who mislead or defraud municipalities or state government entities.

File a consumer complaint online or call 617-727-8400.

The Consumer Protection Division

The Consumer Protection Division enforces laws to protect consumers from fraud, deception, and other unfair practices.

The Civil Rights Division

The Civil Rights Division enforces and safeguards Constitutional and statutory civil rights and liberties on behalf of Massachusetts residents and visitors. The division works to end discrimination, ensure equal and meaningful opportunity for Massachusetts residents to participate in civic society, and protect individual rights of free speech and privacy.

File a civil rights complaint online or call (617) 963-2917.

Children's Justice Unit

Within the Civil Rights Division is the Children's Justice Unit, which uses legal, policy, and other tools to protect and promote positive and equitable outcomes for vulnerable children and youth in the Commonwealth. Areas of focus include child welfare, education, juvenile justice, substance use, and health care.

The Data Privacy and Security Division

The Data Privacy and Security Division investigates online threats and the unfair or deceptive collection, use, and disclosure of consumers’ personal data through digital technologies. 

The Fair Labor Division

The Fair Labor Division protects workers from exploitation and sets a level playing field for employers. The division enforces wage and hour, public construction, and child labor laws, and more..

File a workplace complaint online or call (617) 727-3465.

The Insurance and Financial Services Division

The Insurance and Financial Services Division investigates unfair or deceptive practices relating to investments and securities in order to protect consumers, municipalities, and the state in civil matters involving the insurance, securities, and lending industries. The division performs key consumer protection functions, including securities enforcement, insurance and lending enforcement, insurance rate cases and advocacy, and consumer mediation and advocacy.

If you think you are the victim of unfair or deceptive practices related to investments and securities, file a consumer complaint online or contact the division at (888) 830-6277.

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